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Samsung HRD-840 8 Channel 4MP AHD & 2MP TVI & CVI Digital Video Recorder-0TB


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Samsung HRD-840 8 Channel 4MP AHD & 2MP TVI & CVI Digital Video Recorder-0TB

Main Features:-

  • 8 Channel 4MP AHD DVR & 2MP TVI & CVI Supported
  • TVI, CVI (Max. 2MP), Analogue camera input
  • Up to 120/100 (4MP)fps recording rate
  • Up to 240/200(1080p)fps recording rate
  • HDMI / VGA video output
  • 8 Channel Audio Inputs / 1 Channel Audio Output
  • Max. 1 Internal SATA Slots ( Max 6TB)
  • Coaxial Protocol (Pelco-C, ACP)
  • Smart phone support (Android / iOS)
  • Enhanced network bandwidth up to 64Mbps

Samsung's New WiseNet HD+ Cameras and DVRs deliver 4MP images over Coax cable

The new Wisenet HD+ series supports 4MP (2560 x 1440) and 2MP (1920 x 1080) resolution with superior clarity down to the last detail.
This feature not only provides a better performance than the existing analogue system, but also supports the same resolution as the
network system without experiencing any delays. The images it delivers are much clearer and more vivid than before.
4MP Wisenet HD+ series is ideal for mid to large-sized businesses and projects requiring a highly reliable surveillance system.
In addition, the cameras can transmit 30fps with 4MP (QHD) video.

The competitively priced camera models and DVRs in the WiseNet HD+ range offer an affordable upgrade path for legacy analogue systems, as well as new installations.

WiseNet HD+  Cameras features -

• Capture and transmit  4MP images over coax cable
• Latency free images at distances up to 500m
• Plug & Play –  no encoders, converters or switches required
• True Day/Night functionality
• SSNRIV noise reduction technology
• Dual Power - 12VDC or 24V AC

WiseNet HD+  DVRs features - 

• Simultaneously record in real-time across all channels
• Multi-streaming across the network
• Smartphone support  (Android and iOS)
• Selectable bandwidth up to 64Mbps
• Audio support
• HDMI and VGA outputs

No encoders, converters or switches

The Wisenet HD+ series can transmit 4MP / 2MP video and audio up to 500m by using a single coaxial cable without any delays. This product is an excellent solution that removes the need for a short transmission distance found in typical analogue type products.

Packed with features

All camera models offer true Day/Night functionality with an integrated infrared cut filter. They are also equipped with Motion Detection,  Dual Power capability and SSNRIV, the latest generation of Samsung’s Super Noise Reduction technology. SSNRIV eliminates image noise in low-light conditions without creating ghosting or blurring and with the additional benefit of up to 70% reduction in bandwidth requirements or video storage space, compared to standard cameras.

Real Time Recording

The three WiseNet HD+ DVRs can simultaneously record in real-time across all channels, whilst multi-streaming the transmission of images across the network and including mobile devices. Additional features include selectable bandwidth up to 64Mbps, audio support and the choice of HDMI or VGA outputs. By supporting existing analogue cameras,  the WiseNet HD+ DVRs  offer users with the opportunity to extend the life of their legacy systems and maximize ROI.

Max. 4K (3840 x 2160) monitor support with HDMI cable

Wisenet HD+ DVR provides 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution with HDMI cable, enabling four 2MP AHD camera images to be monitored in four split screens in 4K resolution. 

Easy and flexible upgrade solution 

As the DVR featuring the AHD technology is compatible with both the Wisenet HD+ camera and general analogue cameras, the user can avoid the expense of additional adaptors or changing their system. When upgrading to the Wisenet HD+ system, you don't need to purchase an additional cable separately as it is possible to transmit full-HD images via the existing cable, which also saves money

Easy to install

Installers with limited experience of IP network systems will find a WiseNet HD+ solution comparatively easy to install and commission. WiseNet HD+ cameras and DVRs are installed using the same procedures as traditional analogue systems. With no converters, network  encoders or switches required, and with the option to use existing coax cable, installation time and cost is minimised.


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