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Xeno XEDHDA28V12AW-1080 AHD Full HD (2.4 MP) Vari Focal 2.8~12mm External IR Eyeball Camera - 12v DC in White


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Xeno XEDHDA28V12AW-1080 AHD Full HD (2.4 MP) Vari Focal 2.8~12mm External IR Eyeball Camera - 12v DC in White

The new Xeno XEDHDA28V12A-1080, is part of their new range of High Definition over coax cameras (AHD technology). The Xeno XEDHDA28V12A-1080 is a robust eyeball dome camera with IR LED illumination camera and is suitable for both Internal or External use.

Advantages AHD (Analogue High Definition)

It provides a simple upgrade path

The Nitro range of cameras allow for users to use existing RG59 75ohm coaxial cable, allowing for a cost saving due to the fact that you don’t have to spend time re-wiring existing sites with Cat 5e / Cat 6 to enjoy HD quality images.

High Definition images

The Nitro range of cameras supports excellent images that are approximately 3½ times better than you can achieve with standard analogue cameras (700TVL/960H).

Multi Format DVR Technology

The Nitro range of DVR's support 960H technology as well as the newer AHD (2.4MP) technology. This allows for a greater range of flexibility when updating existing End User sites. This allows End Users to start by updating with the Nitro recorder and then update the cameras to the new Nitro AHD cameras, as and when time and budget allows.

Standardise Your Product Offering

While other HD over coax products on the market only offer a single format, this can mean that you have to stock or manage multiple products. The Nitro range, however can help you standardise what products you offer to your End Users. The Nitro range of products can be used to migrate older analogue (700TVL/960H) systems or just as easily be installed in new systems giving the benefit of HD images all from one product range.

Easy Installation & Setup

Because Nitro range is able to utilise the existing coax cabling infrastructure, it reduces the need for complex training, making upgrading to Full HD (1080p) images a simplier undertaking.

No Impact to the IT Network

As the Nitro range uses its own coaxial cabling infrastructure, there are no costly or time consuming interruptions or bandwidth issues to your End Users’ IT networks, as can sometimes happen with IP solutions.

Near Zero Latency, Reliable Video Signals

The video signal from Nitro's range is not being compressed, so End Users experience no time lag and less video loss, particularly when using a good quality RG59 cable, ensuring that high quality HD images are received at all times.

Main Features

  • Features a IMX322 image sensor
  • Features a Dual output - switchable between AHD & 960H output
  • Supports Full HD 1080P (2.4MP) Resolution
  • Supports a Vari Focal 2.8~12mm Lens
  • Features Day/Night Function (ICR)
  • Features 36 piece Infrared LED's - Upto 20 Metre range
  • Features a Multi Language OSD Menu
  • Features a 3-Axis Gimbal Rotation (Eyeball design)
  • Features a Vandal Resistant Housing
  • Powered by 12v DC 700mA
  • Optional Stand Off Spacer available
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