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2 Metre BNC to BNC Lead - RG59


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2 Metre BNC to BNC Lead - RG59


BNC to BNC ready made lead for connecting Monitors,DVRs,VCRs

This 2M Ready made cable is ideal for connecting CCTV cameras of any kind to a DVR or TV ( with a scart adapter ). Select this cable if you are setting up a CCTV system and dont want to wire your cameras and the power from scratch (ie a drum of cable).

You cant go wrong, just plug this cable in to the BNC socket that comes on all cameras and then plug the power plug in to the cameras power plug. At the other end of the cable you would then plug in the PSU and plug the Video BNC in to either a DVR or TV scart socket (with a scart adapter, BNC to Scart ).   

If you require more than a 20m length then simply purchase as many 20 meter cables that you require and our in line  connector will connect these cables together. Can be used internally or externally.

Uses include:-

Uses include:-

Connect a DVR to a Monitor
Connect a VCR to a Monitor
Connect a Switcher to a Monitor or a DVR,VCR
Connect a Quad to a Monitor or a VCR 
Connect a Multiplexer to a Monitor or a VCR

We can make up cable to your requirements - Please see above options of cable lengths.

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