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RG59 100 Metre Drum - 75 Ohm Coaxial Video Cable


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RG59 100 Metre Drum - 75 Ohm Coaxial Video Cable


Professional high grade CCTV cable will provide the best quality signal for your CCTV system. To use this cable you will need to terminate the ends with BNC connectors to plug into your camera or DVR recorder.

This professional CCTV cable comes in rolls of 100M or 250M. RG59 is available in Black or White Colour, if you select this cable you will still need to power your cameras from a local source or run a seperate power cable. Alternatively select our RG59+2 which incorporates power cable.



  • 100 meters of CCTV coaxial cable.
  • 75 Ohm balanced cable available in Black or White
  • RG59 standard.
  • Coaxial cable type:RG59U;
  • Conductor make-up:1/0.64;
  • Diameter, External:6mm;
  • Impedance:75R;
  • Material, conductor:Copper;
  • Material, primary insulation:Polyethylene;
  • Area, conductor CSA:0.33mm²;
  • Colour, primary insulation:BLACK;
  • Material, dielectric:SOLID PE;
  • Screen type, primary:64/0.12mm BRAIDED COPPER SCREEN
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